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This one-of-a-kind original threshing barn was crafted with massive, hand-hewn old growth white pine timbers c. 1845 near Milton, Ontario (Esquesing Township). 

This is a very unique barn frame indeed! The barn has many architectural details that are sure to interest any barn enthusiast including four 60' long plate and purlin timbers and a 40' long x 28" high swing beam.  There is an amazing amount of wood in this frame with many of the timbers measuring an impressive 12" x 12" in size. Altogether, this barn frame package contains over 30,000 board feet of hand-hewn timber and vertically sawn board stock some of which measures 24" in width - a size almost unheard of in today's times. All board stock would have been vertically sawn on a water-powered sawmill. 

This barn frame is an architectural and historical testament and monument to early settler life in southern Ontario and deserves to be re-constructed to be fully appreciated. The frame has been completely restored by experienced timber frame craftsmen and the entire barn frame is available for purchase and erection anywhere in North America. Steeped in character and charm, this unique timber frame structure would be ideal for a "larger than life" residence, a commercial structure, a working barn or focal point in a museum or historic site. 

*Package Includes: 
- Entire barn frame including roof rafters,

floorboards, wide grainery boards and other

vertical sawn board stock. 
- Accurately dimensioned drawings reflecting

the timber configuration and measurements. 

- Full set of detailed 3D drawings.
- Several pieces of the original hand-forged


Package Does Not Include: 
- Siding or roofing material. 
- Engineering or additional design services. 
- Insulation or interior wall construction.

Price:  Please contact us.


For Sale:  Hand-hewn 40' x 60' white pine threshing barn

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