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At Thistlewood Timber Frame Homes, we believe that recycling beautiful vintage structures and building materials not only makes sound economical sense - it makes beautiful sense as well.  Older structures such as log homes and barns can be beautifully and creatively adapted for residential or commercial purposes either as a stand alone building or a creative addition to your existing home or business. These buildings are steeped in history and character and are worth considering if you are looking for a unique living or business environment.

At present we have a number of structures in stock which have been restored and readied for construction.  Please contact us for details on how these structures might integrate with your future building plans.

Hand-hewn 40' x 60' White Pine Threshing Barn

This one-of-a-kind original threshing barn 
was crafted with massive, hand-hewn old 
growth white pine timbers c. 1845 near 
Milton, Ontario (Esquesing Township). 

This is a very unique barn frame indeed! 
The barn has many architectural details that 
are sure to interest any barn enthusiast 
including four 60' long plate and purlin 
timbers and a 40' long x 28" high swing 

[Read more on this beautiful structure here...]

c. 1860 Dovetail Log Home Shell

If you are looking for a log structure for your 
home or commercial building project, then

look no further. 

This 1 1/2 storey c. 1860 log home was

originally built not far from Markdale,

Ontario and has been carefully tagged,

dismantled and restored.  

[For more information on this log shell, 

please click here]

c. 1850 Timber Frame Threshing Barn

This inspiring timber frame threshing barn 

measuring 35' x 55' was originally built c.1850

near Toronto, Ontario and was constructed

entirely from old growth White pine timbers.

All large timbers are "hand-hewn" and exhibit

a beautiful aged patina.

A large graceful "swing beam" spans the width

of the structure and is a truly unique feature of

this early barn. The top plates supporting the

foot of the rafters are single timbers incredibly

stretching the entire 55' length of the building.

[To find out more about this vintage barn,

please click here]

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