Hundreds of years ago, our forests grew slowly with

different growing conditions.  Termed “old growth forests”

by scientists, trees from this period grew without

pollutants and the intense cutting pressure that we see

today.  As a result, trees grew huge in diameter and to

majestic heights.  The lumber sawn from these trees was

straight and the growth rings much tighter than lumber

seen in present times.

As our continent became developed, timbers from these

pristine forests were sawn to provide the materials

necessary for the construction of homes, factories and

other buildings large and small.  The building boom of the

industrial age would serve the needs of our growing nation.

Today, development has once again initiated the removal of these old buildings from the “industrial forest” to make way for new construction. In many cases, this valuable wood, rich in magnificence, history and character would have been destined for disposal.  Vintage Woodcraft Inc. has made it our mission to rescue this wood from destruction and give it new life and purpose in our timber frames, furniture, stairs,flooring.

Founded in 1996 by Scott A. Murray, Vintage Woodcraft Inc. is a division of Thistlewood Timber Frame Homes - company with its craft and materials rooted in the past. Our vision and dedication to conserving valuable wood resources, however, is a philosophy we stand for and live by today.

We are dedicated to quality in both product and craftsmanship.  High levels of workmanship is what our reputation is built upon.  All of our timber frames and furniture are carefully crafted by skilled artisans using traditional woodworking methods.  For each piece crafted, reclaimed lumber is carefully selected for richness of color, grain and unique character inherent only in century-old woods that have lived a former life.

Using reclaimed wood means fewer modern forests are cut down and this makes sound conservation sense.  We feel proud in knowing that we are doing our part to help conserve our valuable wood resources and preserve some of Canada’s architectural history.  This magnificent lumber which is transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces possesses charm, quality and a distinctive personality characteristic only of wood that is hundreds of years old.  With such a story behind each piece of furniture, we can only believe that our products are destined to be treasured for generations to come.

In addition to timber frames and furniture, Vintage Woodcraft proudly crafts decorative beams and trusses, stairs, flooring, millwork and many other home and garden products all out of reclaimed woods.  These woods come from a variety of sources and we are constantly searching for other woods to add to our ever-expanding inventory.

Our Commitment To Reclaimed

 Thistlewood Timber

Frame Homes 

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