Thistlewood Timber

Frame Homes 

Barn prior to dismantling.

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This inspiring timber frame threshing barn 

measuring 35' x 55' was originally built c.1850

near Toronto, Ontario and was constructed

entirely from old growth White pine timbers.

All large timbers are "hand-hewn" and exhibit a

beautiful aged patina.

A large graceful "swing beam" spans the width

of the structure and is a truly unique feature of

this early barn. The top plates supporting the

foot of the rafters are single timbers incredibly

stretching the entire 55' length of the building.

Smaller timbers and diagonal knee braces

exhibit vertical saw marks and would have been

milled at a local water powered sawmill. All joinery is traditional mortise and tenon. Square nails secured the rafters, roof and siding boards.

The entire frame was professionally documented and photographed prior to disassembly. All timbers have been catalogued for identification using stamped metal tags. This structure is ideal for conversion to residential or commercial space. Accurately dimensioned drawings and professional structural engineers stamp are available. Professional design, construction and installation services are available.

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For Sale:  c. 1850 Timber Frame Threshing Barn