This beautiful 32' x 50' threshing barn was constructed from hand-hewn old growth white pine timbers and is in excellent condition. It was built c.1845 and was erected near Milton, Ontario.  This unique barn is in excellent condition and would make a stunning home, vacation getaway or interesting commercial structure. 

The structure has full length 50' purlins and rafter plate timbers and includes a 12" w x 20" h x 32' long swing beam and loft ladder. 

The barn required only minor repairs which have been completed by skilled timber frame craftsmen. All timbers have been catalogued for identification using stamped metal tags. This structure is ideal for conversion to residential or commercial space. Accurately dimensioned drawings and professional structural engineers stamp are available. Professional design, construction and installation services are available.

Price is $ 115,000.00 (FOB Markdale, Ontario) 

*Price includes accurately dimensioned shop drawings and 3D renderings. 

Our company is committed to protecting our valuable forest resources and are proud to offer reclaimed building materials to all of our clients. We have a variety of reclaimed structures in stock and also maintain a large inventory of reclaimed timbers (over 1 million board feet) which are typically old growth Douglas fir which have been salvaged from old factories/warehouses, schools, distilleries and other interesting historical buildings which have been demolished. We custom craft timber frames, decorative beams, stairs, flooring, mantles, millwork, furniture, garden buildings and much more all in reclaimed woods. We have been building timber frame homes and log homes across Canada and the United States (and beyond!) since 1982 and have been recognized with numerous home builder awards. 

For more information or to find out more about other reclaimed structures we have in inventory, please contact us at 1-800-567-3280.

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For Sale:  c. 1845 Timber Frame Threshing Barn